UndocuAlly Educator

UndocuAlly Online Identifier


Thank you for being an UndocuAlly Educator! Your support for AB540 and undocumented students is making a difference in our communities. After the UndocuAlly Educator Program, you received a physical UPE placard. The AB540 & Undocumented Student Center is proud to present a digital version of the UPE placards! Please include these in your email signatures to show to those of the campus and outside the campus that you are an UndocuAlly.

Here is a preview of the UndocuAlly identifier:

1. Right click the image
2. Select "Save image as..."
3. Save! 

Now, insert it into your email signature and enjoy!

If you need instructions on how to insert the image into your email signature, please look at the downloadable document below: