Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an executive order issued by President Barack Obama in June 2012 providing DACA recipients conditional access to work authorization, Social Security Numbers, Advance Parole, and some limited protection from deportation. DACA continues to face legal scrutiny, and we encourage students to follow UCImm on Instagram (@ucimmigrantlegalservices) and the Center on Instagram (@UCD540Undoc) to stay informed about updates to the program.

Letters of Support

Message from Chief Joseph A. Farrow UCDPD

Message from our Division of Student Affairs

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Message from our Asian American Studies Department

Message from our Native American Studies Department

Message from our UC Davis Chancellor

Message from our President of University of California

Message from the UC Board of Regents

UC Immigrant Legal Resources Center Respond to DACA Rescission

Message from Equity and Inclusion Staff