UC Immigrant Resource Center

Currently enrolled students and their immediate family members (parents, siblings, children, spouses, and fiancés) are able to receive free immigration legal advice through our UC Immigrant Legal Services Center (UCIMM) for a number of services (including intake screening for various forms of immigration relief, green card applications, etc.). Currently enrolled UC Davis students can schedule virtual appointments with our Legal Fellow. Students interested in receiving this support can schedule by using this free online  appointment system: https://tinyurl.com/ucd-imm. The online appointment system is broken into 2 categories: 1-hour appointments for DACA Renewals and 1-hour appointments  for all other immigration consultations (including for family or first time DACA applications). If an inquiry does not fit for a DACA renewal or other consultation, please email our UCIMM Staff Attorney at chris.ucimm@law.ucdavis.edu

This assistance is available to non-US citizen UC Davis students without valid non-immigrant visas and the immediate family members of qualifying students. This includes assisting students who are U.S. citizens but have undocumented immediate family members. All services are free, but students may need to pay for USCIS legal filing fees. Students and family members are not charged for costs such as printing, copying & mail related to a case. Services range from the provision of legal advice to full legal representation.