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S.P.E.A.K. is a student-run organization focused on supporting and empowering undocumented students at the University of California, Davis. S.P.E.A.K. constantly works to raise awareness on the campus and in the surrounding community of the diverse struggles undocumented students experience while completing their undergraduate studies.

S.P.E.A.K. also works to create a safe environment where undocumented students can share their problems as well as their accomplishments and strives daily to empower and help one another financially, emotionally and psychologically.

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ASUCD Undocuscholars Advocacy and Aid (UAA) Committee 

IG: @uaaasucdcommittee

THE ASUCD UAA Committee improves campus climate by building awareness of resources as well as issues regarding the AB540 and undocumented community. The committee creates resources, organizes events, and bridges the gap between ASUCD and any issues regarding the AB540 and undocumented community. The UAA Committee's primary goal is to lead on the advocacy of resources for undocumented students and their community on the UC Davis campus. 

These resources serve to provide students with the needed and much-desired tools necessary to lead a successful academic and professional life. In order to create these projects, the UAA Committee works hard to identify successful partnerships, inspire community involvement, and demand awareness and involvement from ASUCD. 

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Registered Student Organization (RSO) Co-Sponsorship Grant 

This is an opportunity for registered student organizations (RSO) to access funding for events/programs/opportunities relevant to the AB540 & Undocumented Student Community at UC Davis. You can complete this process by filling out the application and providing supplementary information as requested.

Additional Resources 

Visit the Center for Student Involvement to learn how you can stay involved on campus! 

Visit the ASUCD website to stay updated on advocacy opportunities!