Are individuals with deferred action status eligible for REAL ID?

  • Along with U.S citizens and legal residents, “approved deferred action status” are also eligible to apply for REAL ID. [Sec. 202(c)(2)(B)(viii)]  
  • Under the REAL ID regulation, applicants with approved deferred action who hold valid Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) and Social Security Numbers (SSNs) may qualify to receive temporary REAL ID driver's licenses and ID cards.
  • Individuals with approved Deferred Action, valid EADs and valid SSNs may continue to hold temporary (limited-term) REAL IDs until their expiration.  In any case, REAL ID compliant states may continue to issue non-compliant licenses and IDs to individuals with or without lawful status, including deferred action, as defined under the REAL ID Act.
  • Unexpired passports issued by nations recognized by the United States can also be used as REAL ID-compliant documents as well.
  • Students with questions about REAL ID access or traveling domestically with(out) a REAL ID are encouraged to contact our campus’ immigration attorney via email at