Advice from Transfer Students

Welcome to the advice section of the transfer tab. Below you will find advice from transfer students who have completed at least one year at the University of California, Davis or have already graduated. This advice is based on their experiences. 

“To not be scared to go out and try new things. You have been in the game for a while but Davis is very different than community college or any other university. So, take time to take care of yourself, slow down don't get a job your first year, and don't be afraid to interact with new people. Explore Davis and the university you may never know what cool new thing you may find on campus.”
-Adriana Lopez Torres
Chicanx Studies with an Education minor

“Don't be scared to get out of your comfort level. Explore new and different programs to be as diverse as possible. Be as involved as your schedule allows you to be. Start thinking about graduate school and how you can best leverage yourself to be admitted to the school that you want; look up what kind of programs they have for prospective students and apply to as many as you can, they are a great opportunity to network with faculty that will have a big say in your admissions to their program. Also, this will allow you to put a face to your application.”
- Derick Romero

“It is okay to ask questions. If you are curious about something go ahead and ask because that is the only way that you will know the answer to your question.”
- Nanci Torres

“Take your time. Even though you may be pressured to finish your classes in two years only you know what pace works best for you. Doing this will also allow you to explore new things (i.e study abroad) and make awesome memories.”
- Nanci Torres

“Participate in the Aggie Traditions! Once you complete them all you get a medal that you can wear at graduation.”
- Nanci Torres

“Involve yourself in organizations because this will most likely lead you to find a community where you feel comfortable. And this will make your experience at Davis that much better.”
- Nanci Torres

“Believe in yourself”
- Adriana

“Go to office hours, read the syllabus as soon as you receive it, and self-care!”
-Alfredo Rivas  

“Apply for scholarships!”  
-Alfredo Rivas