Community Advocates

The AB540 and Undocumented Student Center Community Advocate internships provide students with a unique leadership opportunity to develop and execute programming and support for the undocumented immigrant and larger UC Davis communities.

Intern Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain proficiency with initiatives, campus partners and collaborations impacting immigrant communities 
  • Build a network and community of undocumented immigrant students sharing their experiences about and engaging in UndocuJoy
  • Build skills analyzing and implementing effective outreach, engagement, and management approaches catering to the AB540 and Undocumented communities we serve
  • Increase experience and comfort with public speaking and multilingual professional engagement
  • Increase ability to engage and communicate individually and as part of a team 

Our Center’s Support for the Learning Outcomes: 

  • Robust pre-Fall Quarter training to equip interns with the necessary knowledge, awareness, and skills to develop resources and provide sensible referrals to undocumented and mixed-status family students
  • 1:1 supervision from career staff to provide holistic advising and support 
  • Connection to trained campus staff providing legal, mental health, and financial support to AB540 and Undocumented students for individual enrichment and programmatic collaborations 
  • Weekly seminar check-ins with peer Community Advocates to build community and engage in personal and professional identity development 
  • Financial resources to create and develop events, programs, and resources to support the AB540 and Undocumented community at UC Davis and beyond

Stay tuned for 2023-2024 Community Advocate internship applications through our social media and newsletter!

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