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Together, Ana and Andres offer presentations about financial aid, AB540/Undocumented updates, journeys to higher education, and workshops on the California Dream Act Application. Other events include scholarship jams for AB540/Undocumented/DACAmented folks, student panel presentations and much more! Fill out this form to request outreach from our Center and we will reply as soon as we can.

High School Outreach

Ana’s portfolio consist of being the High School Outreach Coordinator for the AB540 and Undocumented Student Center. Ana comes from the Northeast San Fernando Valley where there are predominantly people of color and thereof lack resources that promote higher education. Ana became passionate about helping her community ever since she was a part of community non-profit organizations that supported high school students. Understanding where someone is coming from and what resources are available are important factors to consider when working with undocumented students. We are living in a different year than when she was a high school student, yet discrimination is still an issue surrounding undocumented students and their possibilities of pursuing higher education due to their status. As an undocumented student who is not a DACA beneficiary, she has learned to live with her own identity and thrive in many settings with higher education being one of them. Through her position as high school outreach coordinator, she aims to support high school students to aspire for a college education, despite their status. 

Community College/Transfer Outreach

Andres’ portfolio consists of being the Community College/Transfer Outreach Coordinator for the AB540 and Undocumented Center. Growing up in Chicago Il, and later attending high school in a rural area in northern California, Andres had little to no experience in the intricacies of higher education. Nevertheless the desire to get a college degree and the pursuit for a better life persisted within him. After graduating high school, armed with little more than a dream and wisps of hope, Andres started his journey through higher education at Sierra College in Rocklin Ca where he had the opportunity to participate in the Puente Program. The program instilled within Andres the initial support and drive he needed to get through his school. However, it was by relocating, becoming part of Butte College’s MESA program, and meeting Nena Anguiano that Andres found his passion for science and his desire to contribute to his community. By participating as an intern for various projects and later as a student assistant for the MESA program, Andres found fulfillment in working with other students and helping them achieve their goals. Through his position, Andres strives to continue to help students that desire to get a collegiate education and to explore another facet of his own identity being DACAmented himself.