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 Outreach Team

High School Outreach

Due to Carla and Fatima’s personal experiences, high school outreach fits wonderfully in their portfolio due to their high school experience. During high school, Fatima had the opportunity to be part of a program that helped her navigate the college application as an undocumented student. Therefore, she wants to provide those same resources and more that the AB540 & Undocumented Student Center provides. Carla felt that her high school lacked the information and resources to help students access higher education. Due to that, she wants to ensure that students are knowledgeable of resources and information that will help them pursue their journey to higher education. 

Outreaching to parents and students of Woodland High School.

Dedicated to high school outreach, they conduct presentations regarding the resources the AB540 & Undocumented Student Center offers as well as information that impacts our undocumented and ally community. Together, Fatima and Carla aim to become a resource to high school students and their families within and outside of the Davis community by providing information and resources that will help students navigate their journey to higher education.

Resource for undocumented high school students applying to any University of California (clickable download): UndocumentedApplyingToUC.pdf 

To serve the community, programs and workshops are developed for local high school students who identify as AB 540 and/or Undocumented as well as their families. A strong relationship is maintained with high schools to empower students to achieve higher education and to provide sufficient information that students may benefit from as self-identified AB 540 and undocumented individuals.

Safe spaces are established and maintained during outreaching efforts for students and their families by supporting the development of AB 540 and undocumented student clubs within high schools, facilitating workshops, coordinating and participating in conferences, organizing UC Davis campus visits, and ensuring that a permanent support system is established within every high school.


Transfer Outreach

Transfer outreach at American River College.

Resource for undocumented transfer students applying to any University of California (clickable download): UndocumentedApplyingToUC.pdf 




Jesica and Daniela’s portfolio consists of Transfer Outreach at the AB540 & Undocumented Student Center. Based on their own personal experience, and hardships encountered throughout their journey as transfer students, they grew a desire to pay it forward by helping other students transfer successfully by providing them with the resources and skills needed. Together they want to create the path for future transfer students by not only sharing their testimony and knowledge, but also the resources provided at the AB540 & Undocumented student center, so that other students can achieve their goal of transferring to a 4-year institution.

Some of the services they offer includes conducting presentations regarding the resources that AB540 and Undocumented Students provide to communities outside of Davis. "We aim to become a resource for community college students and their families by providing our knowledge and passion, and creating a bridge between community colleges and UC Davis. We are both transfer students who are familiar with the obstacles, questions, concerns and the process of transferring to a 4 year institution, and are more than happy to help and answer any questions." -Jesica & Daniela.


The Transfer Student Outreach component of our center seeks to establish connections and outreach to community colleges surrounding Davis. We cater to the needs of each group that outreaches to us. Workshops vary from transfer requirements, admissions information, DACA or DACA Renewal workshops as well as more information on new legislation. Our goal is to be a community resource and ensure that students looking to transfer are aware of the requirements, but also are aware of legislation that may affect them as undocumented students.