Mentorship and Professional Development Fellowship Program

Our Mentorship and Professional Development Fellowship is intended to provide high-achieving, upper division undergraduate students who have experienced adverse situations or conditions, the opportunity to participate in a culturally relevant mentorship and professional development program. 

We are committed to provide transformative mentorship, intensive career preparation and meaningful work opportunities while addressing the specific challenges and concerns of rising college graduates from underrepresented backgrounds as they transition into their adult and professional lives.

Once chosen as a program participant, our Fellows will actively embark in an intensive, two-quarter professional development journey where they will gain a multifaceted understanding of the professional world and graduate school options that lies beyond their college careers.

Current participants in MPD

Program Requirements

Fellows commit to be part of this fellowship program for a minimum of 2 consecutive academic quarters. Staring January 2016, Fellows must concurrently devote a maximum of 10 hours of work per week to the following activities:

  • 6-8 hours of meaningful volunteer work in one of our pre-approved work placement sites, including a 1-hour individual meeting with their Mentor
  • Enrollment in a 10-week long, 2-hour Professional Development and Life After College Preparation Educational Seminar aimed to support Fellows in their professional development and transition into their professional life
2018-2019 MPD Fellowship Application Available Here
Our Mentors

Our Mentors are caring and seasoned professionals in a variety of fields that directly support the professional and personal development of our Fellows. They do so by directly supervising the Fellow on their everyday activities and providing opportunities for them to shine in the professional world.

In addition, Supervisory Mentors conduct regular check-in meetings with our Fellows to provide work performance feedback and discuss topics of interest with their Fellows.