Tutors of the AB540&Undocumented Student Center

Nancy Gallman

Nick Booster
Science Tutor
Office hours: Wednesdays 12:00pm-1:30am

Nick Is a second year graduate student in the entomology(bugs) department. He is interested in the ecology of disease and how pathogens interact with and shape the immune system of their insect host.

Broadly he is interested in the dialogue that goes on between pathogens of insects and the insect immune response and how each, the pathogen and the immune system, shapes the evolution other. He has worked with organisms up and down the evolutionary ladder from spiders to guppies, and from yeast to bears. He has done both ecological field work and molecular biology. He holds a special place in his heart for the trypanosomes.

He can help with general biology, microbiology, ecology, molecular biology, introductory chemistry and physics. He is also available to talk about techniques for studying efficiently, working in a lab, pursuing a career in science, or simply talk about how cool animals are.

Pablo Silva

Pablo Silva
Writing Consultant
Office Hours: Via Appointment (psilvajr@ucdavis.edu)

Pablo is a third-year PhD Student in the History Dept at UC Davis. He is a Chicano from Santa Ana, CA and first in his family to attend a higher learning institution. His current work focuses on the Mexican State in the twentieth century and their treatment of political exiles. Pablo attended Santa Ana College where he received a double Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Philosophy. He then transferred to UC Irvine where he finished his Bachelor's Degree in History and Philosophy. Going through a JC and then a UC allowed Pablo to develop his writing skills to adapt to a variety of courses. He can help those student who would like to develop their writing skills; whether you're working on a class paper, research project, personal statement or cover letter. Or if you just want to come chat and talk about his experience as a transfer student and applying to graduate school. Pablo will be an excellent resource!

Lina Rez

Lina M. Reznick-Parrado
Academic Coach/Writing Consultant
Office Hours: to schedule an appointment with Lina, e-mail her at lreznice@ucdavis.edu. She is happy to meet with you at the AB 540 Center, anywhere in the SCC or in her office at Sproul 124

Lina is a PhD candidate in the Spanish Linguistics Program at UC Davis. She studies literacy development for speakers of Spanish as a Heritage Language, is interested in Spanish in the U.S. and has taught a variety of language courses at the college level. Lina can provide writing consultation for documents related to academics, term papers, scholarship applications, CVs, translations, etc., in either English and/or Spanish. She provides assistance using a process-oriented approach to writing, applying specific strategies that can guide writers through context-specific writing. She enjoys working with students and is happy to discuss tools for writing proficiency development, effective study methods, how to apply to grad school, balancing parenting with school, career mentoring, and more! 

Roy Taggueg

Roy Taggueg
Grad School Application Tutor
Office hours: Thursdays 12:30pm-1:30pm

Roy Taggueg is a 1st year Graduate Student in the Department of Sociology. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Social Behavior at the University of California, Irvine, and worked at the UCI Office of Research as an Analyst for the Institutional Review Board.  Roy is also a Health Policy Research Scholar for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Roy's research interests revolve around undocumented immigrants and their relationships with institutions, and how these relationships can have an impact on their lives.

Sarah Quincy

Sarah Quincy 
Economics and lower level math/statistics 
Office Hours: Wednesdays  9:30-11:30 (squincy@ucdavis.edu)

Sarah is a fourth year graduate student in the economics department. She is interested in how big economic shocks, like immigration or financial crises, can persist in different ways for different people. Before entering graduate school, Sarah was a research assistant at the Federal Reserve Board. She can help with any economics classes and lower level math and statistics classes. She's also happy to talk about study strategies for the social sciences, applying to graduate school, or doing research!